Before Training Needs Assessment

From Training to Performance

Before Training Needs Assessment

Training is not always the answer to performance problems. Not all performance problems can be addressed by training. Training can be a great investment and can be a waste of money. The key is to identify what problems can be attributed to training deficiencies to insure that the right training is implemented.

Therefore, it is important to establish whether or not performance gaps are truly the result of a lack of training or whether they can be attributed to something else. Training is not the best intervention when the performance issue is a result of:

  • Policies and procedures issues.
  • Recruiting, selection or compensation problems.
  • A lack of communication and feedback.
  • Insufficient resources, tools, equipment or materials.
  • Work environment problems.
  • Employee disengagement (job-person fit; person-org fit)

From Training to Performance

“Think performance, not training!” (Robinson & Robinson, 1995, p. 6). TNA process must start by focusing on the performance gap we are seeking to address. Sometimes there is no performance gap analysis and the result is frequently a pointless waste of time and money. That is why Needs Assessment typically involves Organisational Performance Analysis as a first step.

Organisational Performance Analysis

Organisational performance analysis is the process of identifying the organisation’s performance requirements and comparing them to its objectives and capabilities. Here is where the performance problem is identified, or an opportunity for performance improvement is recognised.

Training professionals are shifting their focus from teaching to improving the performance of individuals and organisations.

Shifting our perspective from training to performance leads us to a more holistic approach. By taking a systemic view of all factors that impact performance (and by recognizing the benefits and limitations of training), we can become more efficient and more effective. Mike Taylor.

PROJECTS involve one or more of the following services:


Organisational Analysis


Employee Engagement


Human Performance


Online Assessments


360-degree Feedback

Structured Interview

Training & Development

Examples of Services We Provided to Reputed Organisations

Application of MAP system among other tests to select astronauts in Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center

Application of Alpha 360-degree feedback system to develop leadership in the Central Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Implementation of the Training Needs Analysis System (TNAS) for the technical training center at Dubai Airport.

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